54 Korona Lashay Davirus

This week’s episode was recorded during the nationwide quarantine. Jasmine and Jessiqa were not able to meet as they normally would to produce the show because of this. However, because we cannot not be stopped, we were able to record via ANCHOR.FM which was a learning experience so the audio is not as clear as it normally is but we did have a great show!! We hope you enjoy.


Cock o clock – GRiiindIIING (grinding)

Everything is shut down…

Is there anything to be thankful for while this is happening?

Universal Pictures will start streaming movies because of the corona virus. I just said things were moving all digitally and I said netflix should’ve figured out how to partner with them so this could be a thing.

What will you do with your Trump Check? Watch them say this is our reparations.

Kim K and Kourtney fight on their show… Are we going to watch?

Listener Letter – Dead Beat Parents


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